Apr 8, 2011

Things To Do this Holiday Weekend

For lack of things to post, here are some of the things we will do this holiday weekend:
1. Go to Batangas and attend a wedding. It will be the first wedding of a relative that I will attend with my family and it should be fun!
2. Meet relatives that I have not seen for a long, long time!
3. Eat suman with latik! Its a family favorite.
4. Take home work and follow up quotations and suppliers for carpet installation.
5. Look for old pictures of my father from my grandmother's memory chest.
6. Take pictures of my father's pictures hanging in the old house.
7. Climb trees once more, or at least teach my children how to climb mango trees.
8. Eat Indian mangoes under the trees while reminiscing childhood with my cousins.
9. Drink Kapeng Barako.
10. Go to the beach in Calatagan!

I am actually excited because we were able to rent a van so cheaply and we are all going away on a road trip! Initially, we will just ride a bus going to Batangas and will just borrow a van when we get there. But this is more convenient and this is going to be more fun! Woohooo!

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