Apr 13, 2011

Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Its time to count our blessings again this Happy Wednesday! Happiness is:
1. A confirmed trip to Bohol this June
2. New school for Danniel and Ishi.
3. A picture of my father.
4. Meeting my Lola and Ninang and Aunts and Uncle after a long time.
5. The wedding of my cousin.
6. A family trip with my sister's family, swimming and roadtrip.
7. Going back to Batangas after several years of not being home.
8. Cheap pineapple and jackfruit from Tagaytay.
9. Letting my kids know what a Kasoy fruit looks like.
10. The bank loan now on process, yey!

To know how this started and for credits on the image, click here.

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