May 3, 2011

Enrollment Woes

It is enrollment time again and I am thankful that my kids are still in elementary and high school because while their tuition fees will cost us and arm and a leg, we are still able to manage. I still have 2 years to save on my eldest college tuition and 8 more years for my second son! I really can relate to those parents who do not know where they might get the money for the kids schooling. While we have the tuition fees covered, we still dont have enough funds for their books and uniforms. Good thing that several more paydays will pass before the start of classes so i hope we can scrape enough by then. I feel so sorry for my office mate who is sending her daughter to nursing school and cant find decent nursing scrubs within her already tight budget! So I told her to try and see if anything will fit her budget in this site: My office mate is not complaining but I know that a little help can go a long way for her and even decent and modestly priced nursing scrub uniforms will be a great help! And good thing that her daughter really works hard in her education too!

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