May 12, 2011

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

It's Wednesday and the best time of the week to count our blessings! Happiness is:
1. The super fun birthday party of Ishi at Bosay Resort. I just cant get over how happy my daughter was and I know that she will always remember her 7th birthday!
2. Being with the whole family, including my husband's siblings and their family and enjoying the day.
3. The kids are going to be enrolled in one school and their assessment is done. Just need to pay and they are enrolled. Despite the high cost of sending them to school, I am just thankful that we can still afford it.
4. My mother for being the best mother in the world!
5. Being a mother.
6. A very supportive husband.
7. Company loans and cooperative loans. Hay, enough said.
8. The rainy weather last Sunday. Otherwise, all of us would be sun-burned!
9. Our van. Ha ha, now we can travel more!
10. Having a job in these hard times.

For credits on the image and to see how this started, see here.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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