Jun 1, 2011

Getting the House Ready

If you are a follower of my blogs, you would know that one of my dearest desire is to have our own home. It has been a struggle and it is still a work in progress, but we are finally going to move to our own house next year. Since there are lots of things that we still need for the house before we move in, we are hoping to accomplish a lot this year. Remember the problems we had during the laminate flooring install part of construction? The mess was unbelievable and I dont think it can be done while we are already living in the house. Thankfully, that part was done and my immediate concern is the ceiling. The house looks untidy because we have no ceiling yet and the wires and wood that are immediately visible when you enter the house does not look pleasing. We are hoping to finish this by December and then maybe buy some new furniture like beds and cabinets. I am really very excited to move next year and I just hope that things will work out so we can get the house ready in time for summer. And since time move so fast that we are already halfway through this year, I just pray for more blessings so we can have enough money to spare getting the house ready.

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