Jun 28, 2011

Ruby Tuesday: Loboc River

When we went to Bohol last month for our planning and teambuilding, one of our itinerary for the countryside tour was the lunch at Loboc River Floating Restaurant. We had to wait for our turn to ride the boat so we took the time for some picture taking. Here are some of the arts and crafts product of Loboc displayed at the wating lounge.
The river was lighted with streetlamps, and while I am not happy that the riverbanks will now be lighted at night just to please the tourists while destroying the natural effect of a river, I posed at the sign board.
And this is the Loboc Church and Museum, a beautiful backdrop to the already beautiful river! But please excuse the viewing tower of the useless Loboc bridge which is a gross reminder of man's stupidity! You just google "loboc useless bridge" or lobo bridge to nowhere" and you will see why.
If you ask me about the food at the floating restaurant, I will say forget it. But for the view, you can go ahead and pay for it!


  1. Beautiful shots.

    I played too. Mine are here and here.

  2. I hope I can visit Bohol soon... BTW na miss ko old blog header ko dito a