Jul 20, 2011

Hyphy's Lunch to Remember

Justify FullLast week we had lunch at Hyphy's (pronounced as high fees) at the Veranda in Robinson's Galleria. The food was described as fusion of San Francisco and Philippine cuisine and we were excited to see how it was. We each ordered our drinks below and this is the Peras Cooler. This one below is Buwig, a mocktail of banana and pineapple. But it was too sweet. That is coming from a person who love sweets.
This platter was good for 2-3 and I cant tell you how it was because it was on the other end of the table!
This Clam Pasta was very good and it was served with bread sticks.
We ordered this Mom's Meatloaf because another diner told it was good, and it was very good!
I dont know the name of this other dish but they said the noodle was good but it was too oily.This Bangus Steak was my meal and I was happy with it! The bangus was very good and the sauce was delicious. The vegetable sidings was good but it was too little and the atchara was too sweet for my taste.
My boss had the Spam Masubi and she shared it with us. It was good but difficult to eat because the serving was not bite-size.
This Dapa fillet was also great and I love the dressing.
Oh, and if there was a reason why I would go back to Hyphy's, other than the good food, great service and the 20% discount for the month of July, it would be this Tablea Chocolate Tort.
Did I mention that the coffee was free also?
So, the food was good, the service was great, the dessert was the best and the coffee was free! Will I go back to Hyphy's? You bet!!!!

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  1. This is near my place. Thanks for the feedback. Been wanting to try that restaurant :)

    The Twerp and I