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Jul 11, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday: 50th Birthday Party

How do you celebrate a 50th birthday party for your boss? First you must have a boss who is the best in the whole world! Below is the picture of such a guy, Mr BJ Sebastian.
Then the food: Pansit Malabon, a certifiable hit!
Pansit Bihon for long life.
The sticky Pichi-pichi for dessert.
and C2 solo for easy to hand out drinks!
And its party time! Even if it was just an office merienda celebration, which is just one of many for the golden celebration of our boss birthday, this one was something to be remembered.
The host was gracious, the food was delicious and the company great! A simple yet perfect birthday party!


  1. WOW! First of Happy Birthday! I miss palabok so much...well you guys have a great time!

  2. I'm sure your boss appreciated the gesture!


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  3. eating again. kaya nasisira and diet sarap ng foods kasi:)

    - Happy a Blessed Monday from Life Moto

  4. Lovely pics for MYM..and yummy food too...looks like everyone is enjoying the party.

  5. Yum. Happy Birthday to your Boss. Have a fabulous week!

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    Liz @ MLC
    Liz @ MCN

  6. Golden bday party it is! I rmember my sister when she celebrated her golden bday, we were having sooo much fun!and oh! that pansit malabon looks so yummy! I hope ypu could visit mine:

  7. Thank you for the blog visit. Nagutom ako sa entry mo haha! :)

  8. Nothing can beat having a great boss.

    My Mellow Yellow is at at Nostalgic Marveling blog, hope you can drop by. Have a great week ahead!