Sep 13, 2011

Shamcey Supsup is Miss Universe to Me!

I have to agree with siyetehan, Shamcey Supsup wins big time! Even though she only won Third Runner Up in the Miss Universe 2011 Pageant, she has all of those things to look forward to. She will have the guestings, the product endorsements, the movies and the hosting offers and she deserve all of them too. I just wish she will be wiser in her choice and not sell herslef short for just fame. In my book, she should have won the Miss Universe Crown. She answered the question "Will you change your religion for the man you love"with the conviction borne from being a Catholic, that which is to love God above all. Her answer was surely not made to please everybody, but that was her truth and that was how she felt and I admire her for that. Its obvious that her answer was the wrng answer to the judges or she would have nailed that crown, but again for me, she is the Miss Universe!

Go Shamcey!

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