Oct 3, 2011

Christmas Count Down: 84 Days

It is now the first work day of October and just 84 days before Christmas. Time is flying by so fast we dont realize that Christmas is almost upon us. And for us working moms, time is twice as important that is why I am already preparing my Christmas shopping list. I am lucky that my office is very near a mall and since they have seasonal sale most of the time, I am already able to buy one or two items from my list every time I see a good bargain. But for my friends and relatives abroad, I was lucky to find dealfun.com for easy gift ideas. I don't have to think about shipping if you look closely at this article: dealfun.com complaints. I really don't get it why I should complain fot free shipping, ha ha. I know for a fact that when gifts are to be shipped, we must send it out two or three months before the peak season of December. Good thing I only have a few gifts to send out and even then, I would rather choose to buy them online. For my kids, I made them choose three items from a gif catalogue so I can have an idea of what they want. For my husband, it would be either a gift certificate for a massage or a new helmet. and for my mom and mom-in law, maybe a spa package. 84 days is not too early to start shopping so better get a good head start now!

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