Oct 12, 2011

EDSA KnoxOut Project: Why is he smoking?

I super love the idea behind the Boysen KnoxOut Project. The idea is to apply Boysen paints and paintings in selected areas in EDSA and clean the air. From the website:
Using an environmentally safe method, KNOxOUT gets rid of harmful NOx emissions. Titanium dioxide, which is a common ingredient in paint, can be specially modified to attack NOx. KNOxOUTs CrystalActiv technology features modified titanium dioxide that uses light energy to convert NOx into breathable air. When light is shined on KNOxOUT, it converts ordinary water vapor into a NOx killer that breaks NOx down into harmless quantities of nitrates, carbon dioxide, and water. In rendering NOx harmless, KNOxOUT prevents the formation of smog.

Now, that is a great initiative and I applaud both Boysen and the MMDA for this effort. I have yet to see the other artworks from those 8 artists who toiled for us to see EDSA in this new light. I always pass by one of them which is under the EDSA-Ortigas interesection. I saw the mean that were painting this portion of EDSA but can I just say that I am kind of disappointed at this one below.Why? Because he is obviously smoking! My husband and I had a discussion about this and while I get the part about the tanks on the image above, I don't get why the man has to be lighting up a cigarette. My husband said he is a soldier or maybe a laborer taking a break and it is just right that he is portrayed as such. But I still think that we must be very serious about our anti-smoking campaign and this image is not helping us get the message across. I am just wondering if something can still be done about it. I hope.

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