Nov 2, 2011

Taal Volcano

This is the view of Taal Volcano from Tagaytay in Cavite. Though the volcano itself is in Batangas, the view from above is just beautiful.
But the view inside the volcano is just perfect!
And we climbed it to witness the beauty of the place up close! And it was as beautiful from here as it was overlooking from Tagaytay!
I just hope that the tourism office of both Batangas and Cavite would get their acts together so that many more people can see the beauty of Taal without making unnecessary enhancements to nature.

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  1. wow that is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I am so envious I want to be right there where that second photo was taken one day!

    Nice to meet you, I look forward to visiting again! I am a new follower via the watery wednesday blog hop!