Nov 17, 2011

Vote Geneva Off the Island Now!

I am not really into reality shows because I don't watch that much TV but because my whole household loved the last season of Survivor Philippines, I had no choice but to watch. And I loved it! I loved Solenn last season and I hated Aubrey Miles. But that only came in later after watching the show for weeks and seeing how they work to get alliances. But for this season, we already hate Geneva Cruz!

She has been at it for the two days that we are watching survivor. If she has problems and she cant "play"the survivor game, then why did she agree to join the first place. She obviously has issues with her failed marriage with KC but she should have known that this is supposed to be a survival game and obviously, she wont survive. I read from a blind item that she will quit so I guess we can enjoy the show more now once she is gone. We love the comic relief provided by Mae and Betong and we just want to enjoy the show. So if Geneva is not leaving, vote her off the island already and lets all just have fun without her.

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