Dec 12, 2011

Desserts Galore!

Eating at YakiMIX was a fun experience but the dessert made the experience extra special! I love the ice cream more so after I have generously sprinkled chocolates all over!
The gummy bears and the pastries are yummy!
And this third or maybe fourth dessert plate is just about awesome!
Yep, diet was officially cancelled and dessert was the order of the day! The holidays have officially started! Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Wow look at these yummy desserts! Pag ito nasa harap ko, I'm tossing diet away too lol! missing the tasty leche flan :)

    Dropping by from MYM

  2. Wow, so many dessert, are you sure you can finish all of them, they are looks so yummy, I want them too.