Dec 8, 2011

Pakyaw Deal for Elarz Lechon : The Best!

I bought 4 Pakyaw vouchers for P99 each at Elarz Lechon and I can say that it was the best deal ever! The deal was P99 only for 2 set of lechon meals. And I for the price of P49.50, we enjoyed lunch of lechon and rice good for one, complete with soft drinks! The set meal was really enough for one person and the lechon was really very good! Really great deal! Claiming the voucher was also very easy. I just gave my voucher to the lady on the counter and she made me sign a list and then she shouted to the kitchen, 'Pakyaw, apat' and voila, the guy got a part from the lechon below and chopped it and in a while, our take out was ready!
Just look at the lechon above and I can tell you that the skin was as crispy as it looked and the meat was very good too! I am really not a fan of lechon but this is the second time that I have tasted a lechon from Elarz and I always liked it.
They also offer other meals like dinuguan, bopis and chicken and their store in Quezon Ave has a small dining area for guests. I think a bulk of their business is via delivery of this tasty lechon.

I took a photo of this whole lechon before we left the store.
If you are interested in ordering Elarz lechon, please call their number. Its really one of the best lechon's I have tasted so far!

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