Dec 9, 2011

Unpaid Earnings from Blogbank

I was cleaning my drawer this morning when I came upon a list of internet advertising sites where I have signed up and when I logged on to BlogBank, I saw that I have earnings that I haven't been paid until now. I cant remember if there was a minimum payment required and if there ir, I obviously didn't make it, but since Blog Bank is inactive now, they should have paid me before they shut down, right?
That happened with Inpostlinks or some other which is now Social Spark. Even though I didn't have the $50 minimum payout requirement, they still sent me the money, less the processing fee from Paypal.
Anybody out there paid or not paid by Blogbank?

Update: I also emailed doctors(at) to inquire about the payment and the reply was 'Yes. We are liquidating all the payments.' I asked again how and when and I am yet to receive a reply.


  1. first time to hear about blogbank..they should pay what's due for you...

    visiting you back:)

  2. I sent a message to Jayvee himself on FB. Currently waiting for reply. I never got anything yet from them.