Feb 26, 2012

Drainage Repair along Aurora Blvd.

I took a photo of this drainage while we were gassing up along Aurora Blvd last week. This is just after the UERMMC hospital and the CCP school. The drainage construction along Aurora Blvd has been going on for some time now and I was surprised when I saw that the drainage was filled with debris. You remember that it has been raining for several days already.
Now I wonder if all those drainage repairs are just a waste of money. Maybe they will take out the debris when they are ready to cover it but in the meantime, and just like last time when it rained, some of it will already fill the drainage! Is there a government agency supposed to look at how the construction company who bid for these projects see if they actually do a good job? I have been passing by Aurora Blvd for some years now and I have seen projects that uses taxpayers money but are either useless or substandard. Those same drainage have been repaired already some years back, and yet there is still flooding in the area. And now I know why. Oh well, maybe its because we let them get away with it?

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