Feb 15, 2012

Manila Diary: Manila Cathedral and Plaza de Roma

This is the Manila Cathedral located within Intramuros in Manila. It is formally known as Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, and honors Virgin Mary as its patroness. I used to work in Intramuros some 15 years ago, just block away from the church, but I never had any fascination towards the church back then, other than to attend the occasional mass and ogle celebrity weddings. However, just this week, it was reported that the church will be closed to the public for a year, for repair. For more on the history of the Manila Cathedral, check this out.

This is Plaza de Roma which is a park, just infront of the Manila Cathedral. Just one of the historical places that people like me ignore. The monument is of Carlos IV of Spain, which is a tribute for the introduction of the small pox vaccine in the Philippines (according to the marker).
The marker reads:
Plaza de Roma
Formerly called Plaza Mayor. Converted into a park in 1797. Renamed Plaza McKinley after US President William McKInley in 1901. Renamed Plaza de Roma in 1961 to honor Sacred College of Cardinals in Rome following elevation of first Filipino Cardinal, Rufino J. Santos.

Bronze monument to Carlos IV of Spain erected in 1824 as a tribute for the introduction of the smallpox vaccine in the Philippines. Statue replaced by Gomburza monument in 1960s. Statue returned in 1981.

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