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Feb 22, 2012

Mom! Dad? True Story!

I found this post on and cant help laughing because this is so true! Just last night, my kids were studying and my husband was just sitting at the sofa while I was preparing dinner. Each one of my three kids has a question for me, who was busy cooking, while my husband was just watching TV! And when I stepped out to get something, I hear at least one of them asking their dad where I went! Ha ha, true story!

Of course, in fairness to my husband, he is willing to step up once I call his attention. Since I was cooking, he helped Danniel look for pictures of Philippine folk dances and even showed Drexelle how to dance the Manlalatik. I also remember him doing something about the cheap computer desks that we used to have and which now fits the living room nicely. But I dont know why but my kids really have this habit of asking me first about anything before I point them to their dad. While it is funny most of the time, there are times when it is not funny, especially when you are already tired and still has a lot of things to do. But hey, it comes with the territory :-)

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