Mar 19, 2012

Local Produce at Quezon Circle Farmers Market

We were at the QC Circle last week and after our usual run and exercise, we decided to check out the tiangge area of the park. One of the newest attraction, aside from the ever growing number of food stalls, is the addition of the Farmers Market.
The market is opening soon, but there are about 3 stalls that were already open and they were selling these fruits that my kids are not familiar with. I grew up in Batangas and these were the fruits of my childhood. Among them is this chesa. It was good when ripe but, not one of the best tasting fruits out there. I just know that it is a good source of Vitamin A and is good for our eyesight.
Another fruit from my childhood is this star apple or caimito. I remember fun stories of my lolo climbing this tree just to get us some fruit. Why he would want to climb when we can pick it with a pole was a mystery to me now, but when I was a child, it was the height of cool!
And I can remember when we unearthed one big lump of ube in our backyard and we had the best ube halaya of my childhood!
And these are just some of the produce from the other stall, the atsara. Best served with fried or grilled fish or pork!These are just some of the fruits and produce being offered at the Quezon Circle Farmers Market. Hope you can check it out when you go there so you can also help out our farmers!

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