May 29, 2012

Ginataang Tulingan

We are from Batangas and one dish that we grow up with is Ginataang Tulingan.  And my brother-in-law, Kuya Mher makes a mean, and I mean mean ginataang tulingan.  We had this during Ishi's birthday celebration because it is my daughter's favorite, thanks to Kuya Mher.  You can see that it was prepared lovingly because it was specially cooked in a palayok.  I also know how to cook this dish, but Kuya Mher's version is a hundred  times better! 

Anyway, this is how to cook this. 

1. Get your fish cleaned.  It could be be tulingan or yellow fin tuna.
2. In a pot, put black pepper, ginger, kamyas, the fish and coconut milk together.
3. Put the fire on low and bring to a slow boil.
4. Put the coconut milk (kakang gata) and the finger chilies and season to taste with patis.
5. Super enjoy!

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