May 25, 2012

Keratin Treatment Experience at Nuh Salon and Spa

My friend and I bought vouchers from Metrodeal for Keratin Treatment at Nuh Salon and Spa for P199 each and it was once again  one of the those deals that gave me real value for my money.  I love Nuh Salon and Spa.  Though it was located some far off place, we actually know it because our friend Rona lives there.  I called for a lunch appointment and we were treated right away. 

The salon looks clean and well maintained.  The monochromatic colors give the salon a sophisticated look.  The ladies were dressed in identical black scrub suits and they were very professional even though I can feel that the lady assigned to me was just learning.  They were careful and considerate.  

The chairs, the towels, the wash area for the hair, I love them all! And I especially love how they put the towel on your hair after the shampoo! I wish I could do that at home, ha ha.  They also gave us drinks, serve in this cute mug that you can see in some of the images below.  They also have a clean bathroom, complete with tissue and hand wash.  I love a salon that gives this much attention to detail because it means the will take good care of you.

Of course, when you like what you see and the service that you are getting, you tend to buy more of their services and that was what we did!  We tried their foot spa and it was great too!  We even called our friend Rona to come over and she also had a hair spa.  It was truly an afternoon for the girls, ha ha!

And if you want to see two happy customers who had their Keratin Treatment for so cheap a price and yet so superb a service, look at the image above and below!

And yes, we asked Nuh Salon and Spa to put us in their text list so we can be informed of their latest promos.

B15 L5 Kaginhawaan St Karangalan Village Manggahan Pasig City
385 6378 or 0908 863 5188


  1. Thank you so much ms. Digna and friends for visiting Nuh Salon and Spa....Godbless

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