May 8, 2012

Pinoy Henyo

Pinoy Henyo, a very popular game on the most popular game show in the Philippines, Eat Bulaga has indeed become the Pambansang Laro ng Bayan (national game). Last New Year's eve, we played our own version and we all had a blast! Here I am pictured below, and I didnt get the word correctly.
It is played in every gathering imaginable and all participants, young and old, love it! Here is my cousin's mother trying to get the word. It helped that the adult contestants had been drinking and their guesses are so funny! My husband's uncle who was supposed to be guessing Ilong (nose), misread it and thought that the word was Talong (eggplant)! Can you imagine how funny that was? Here is my mother-in law clapping with joy when she guessed her word correctly.
To make our game more exciting, the pair of players had to pay a fee of P20 and the pair who gets the word correctly in the shortest time, wins the pot money. The game is simple, one player guess the word while the other player anwers oo, hindi, and puede (yes, no, and possible) under two minutes of play. Me and my son Danniel won the grand prize on the final round after he guessed the word in one minute and 24 seconds.

So play your own Pinoy Henyo game and have as much fun as we had!

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