May 16, 2012

Villa de Castro Garden & Resort, Binangonan Rizal

For Ishi's 8th birthday celebration, we went swimming at Villa De Castro Garden and Resort.  My sister and her family lives in Taytay and we just decided to drive to Binangonan with no particular resort in mind when we saw this.  This was the second resort we visited and we noticed that it was very clean and looks well maintained even during the summer peak season!  No trash left by overnight swimmers and the water looks clear.  And when I saw that their pool was covered, we stayed!
Above is an area for tables and chairs.  I think rental was just P150-P300.  There is also a convenience store but they do not sell ice.
Entrance fee to the resort is cheap!  P90 for adults and P70 for kids and we even have a discount for the birthday girl and we didn't need to pay an entrance for her! And they even gave a us a discount for the cottage so we paid only P300 instead of P500.
The cottage was very nice by the way because we have our own wash area and it was very convenient!  We call it bangerahan in Batangas. 
They also have a fish pond at the back where some of the big cottages were located.  You also have an option to rent their videoke.  These cottages were very nice for barkada, but not so much if you have kids with you because you cant see the pool from there.
This is the grilling area which was located at the walkway of the cottages near the fish pond.  It was pleasant grilling here because the view is very nice.  
Here is one of the two pools in the resort.  This one also has a wading pool for the kids.  You can see that it is covered with net so it was not too hot even during midday.  The building near the pools are the rooms that you can rent for as low as P1500.  The shower areas for girls and boys are under the rooms.
The wading pool also has this shower thingie that the kids enjoyed so much! And there are lifeguards too and signs for kids not to go on the other pool where it was deeper, 6ft.
This is the covered pool.  You can see that a portion has a net because according to the owner, it gets too hot when it was fully covered.  There is also a slide which even kids can use.  There was also a shower thingie on the other side of this pool.  The water was clean and cool, and we stayed here much of the day.

And of course, the family photos we took were nice especially because the view was perfect and kids were not too sunburned! They had so much fun and the adults love that it was not such a task to look after them like in a big resort.  I really like it here even though it was not as beautiful as Bosay resort or Green Nature and we will probably come back here one of these days.

Villa de Castro Garden and Resort
National Road, Brgy Palangoy, Binangonan, Rizal
2895998 09069526605

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