Jul 25, 2012

Coffee Happiness!

I am an instant coffee lover.  I hate brewed, unless its the barako brew of my lola in Batangas.  That, I can drink anytime of the day when I am home in the province.  I can even have rice with my coffee, ha ha!  But brewed coffee, like the one we serve in our office, is not much of a treat for me.  Those overpriced frappucinos and machiattos are another story, but I only buy them sparingly, and sometimes when I just want to hang out with friends.  But for my real, everyday coffee craving, I am fine with the instant variety, most especially the White Coffee from Great Taste. My mom and I bond over a cup every weekend morning and sometimes at night!
When a boss at the office saw me making my White coffee fix, he gave me 3 sachets of the Barako, pictured above.  I found it too strong for my taste.  The Puti by Blend 45, which I found at the supermarket, was too bland for me, even when I mixed it with half a cup only.  So I buy my White Coffee by the dozen at the supermarket because it is cheaper there at P5.40 while it sells for P7 at the sari-sari store near us.  Unfortunately, a lot of people have also found a liking to White Coffee and it is mostly out of stock at the supermarket near me!  Good thing my office mate also love it and  lets me have one from time to time!  Okay, I am off to get me my morning coffee fix!

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