Jul 4, 2012

How Do You Like Your KFC Chicken?

Lat week, my office mates and I went out for lunch at KFC and ordered a bucket for the five of us.  We ordered the Original and Hot & Crispy Flavor and mashed potato as side dish.
The meal comes with 4 servings of rice as well. But forever in diet that we all were, we only ate half of the serving.  I was telling my friends that whenever I was with my family at KFC, we would order a minimum of
8 servings of rice. But aside from the chicken, we all agreed that the best thing about KFC is their gravy.  We were five girls, and we each take turns getting as much gravy as we can to our mashed potato and chicken!  That's how we like our KFC, swimming in its own gravy!
 Below is my share of the bucket which I took before I pour a plateful of gravy!  I especially love the Hot & Crispy flavor and how I have to whistle because of how hot it is.  Its really good!
So how do you like your KFC chicken?

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