Jul 24, 2012

My Keratin Treatment at Hair To Go Salon

I bought two Metrodeal vouchers for Hair Keratin TX Treatment at Hair To Go Salon in St. Francis Square Mall in Mandaluyong for only P199 each for me and my sister.So I called to have an appointment and my sister and I went on different dates because our schedule.  My schedule was on a Tuesday, 7pm and I was advised to come in earlier as they are only until 8pm. In my mind, I was thinking, I thought it will take 2 hours but anyway, it was cheap so no problem at all.

The voucher's highlights about Hair To Go:
-cozy, professional, salon with a long list of celebrity clientele and endorers >
-valid for all hair lengths
-treatment takes 2-3 hours depending on the length and thickness of hair 
-no harmful chemicals involved.

So here is the cozy, professional. salon.  Its just a booth near the escalator at the entrance to St. Francis Square! The picture below is actually the whole salon and the stairs lead to a small second floor aka waiting area! I dont know about cozy and professional but this does not look either of the two to me!

When I got there at 645, the girl was busy answering questions from another client and when I hand her my voucher, she just said to wait since its not 7pm yet, this despite having been told on the phone to come earlier.  When finally it was my turn, the girl went somewhere to verify my voucher and then I was finally asked to sit where they will shampoo my hair.  The guy started draping me with this wet towel but I complained and he disappeared to look for an unused one.  Then he shampooed my hair and told me sit at a stool opposite the chairs facing the mirrors as all of it was occupied.  Here I was below, feeling sorry for myself for such a crappy treatment!
After putting the stuff on my hair and piling my hair on top, the guy told me to go up the steep stairs, a picture of which is below.  I thought he would heat my hair or something or continue with the treatment but it was just a waiting area!
There were mirrors and strange looking machines at the second floor but I was just sitting there waiting for my turn, busy tweeting.  Then after maybe 15-20 mins, a girl went up and was surprised to see me and said, "aba, may tao pa pala dito!" I wasn't feeling particularly mad or anything, just resigned to my fate, so I just smiled at her when she asked me to go down already.
So I went down and the guy rinsed my hair and then blow-dried it and I was done! So I thought to myself, that was a Keratin Treatment already, worth P1,200! Wow, what an experience! (If you cannot feel the dripping sarcasm, then go get yourself a voucher at Hair To Go Salon!)

Oh, and by the way, my sister who went there the following day had an even worse experience.  Her schedule was at 6pm, but since they accept walk-in customers even when their appointments are piling up, took 3 hours before she had her treatment! And the following day, she was complaining that her hair felt more coarse instead of softer. Oh well, that is what you get for cheap rice: cheap service.  So the next time you see any deals from Hair To Go Salon, beware! 


  1. good thing i searched for a review. this is very helpful. i was about to purchase a digi perm deal! i will not push through and will find a better offer from a different salon.


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  3. DONT EVER EVER EVER GO TO HAIR TO GO SALON ST FRANCIS ORTIGAS! I just had a VERY VERY VERY BAD EXPERIENCE WITH THEM. As in! Hindi lang kasya dito sa comment box, pero I made a blog about it. Eto yung website>>


    Please LOVE YOUR HAIR! Wag kau ppunta dun talaga! What happened to me was really a nightmare!