Jul 5, 2012

One Winner for the 6/55 Grand Lotto Draw

Only one person got the right combination of 36-26-10-49-32-37 to win the P163.9 million jackpot for the Grand Lotto 6/55 draw last night.  This morning, my mom and I were talking and I ended up asking her if she thinks the winner was indeed lucky.  I thought it was scary to get that much money in one go!  For me, I can only imagine winning up to P50 million only, ha ha.  My mom said if she were that person, she would claim her winnings only after a month and when she has another place to go to.  Since she would write down our current address to claim her prize, then immediately after getting her money, she would move to a hotel or someplace else and then start a new modest, albeit comfortable life.  I told her that it is exactly what I wouldn't like about winning: moving from my house out of fear for my life.  The reason why I bet on the lotto is to be able to give a much comfortable to my family but winning such a huge amount would make me scared for my life instead.  I would rather win P3 million and just pay for my loans and renovate the kitchen than win P163.9 million and move frequently to avoid being kidnapped, ha ha.  Of course, the chances of me winning the lotto jackpot is one in a x-million times so I would not waste my time anymore thinking of what to buy and where to live.  For now.  Ha ha.

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