Jul 27, 2012

The Helmet Law, ICC Sticker and our Motorcycle

my pink helmet, gift from hubby Dec 2009
We have a 2-year old Kawasaki Curve that my husband uses to go to work to Pasay City.  He used to work at Medical City in Ortigas and since my office is on his way, we use the motorcycle to go to work everyday.  It saves us a lot of time and money and for the P3,700 monthly amortization for two years, it was well worth it.  And in those two years, we have never featured in any accident, thanks God.

Now comes the implementation of the Helmet Law and there is now an immediate need to have our helmets checked and stocked with an ICC sticker.  We use Index helmets that I don't think they will pass the inspection. My pink helmet was a gift from my husband in 2009 and is now broken in some areas. I am due for a new helmet, but hey, they are costly and is not in my budget right now. And it seems I am not alone in the confusion regarding the helmet, its implementation, and the danger of kotong! If budget is not an issue, I will go for the full-faced heavy duty helmet but their price starts at P2,500 each. I can try to have my orange helmet, a give away from Vietnam tested at the DTI office for the ICC sticker, but I can see already from my office window in Ortigas the long line of motorcycles and riders waiting at the DTI office in Mandaluyong.  I was talking to our maintenance guy and elevator guy who are both riders, and they did not attempt to line up and instead bought their helmets after taking out loans. One messenger took a leave yesterday and lined up at 5am was able to get the sticker at 2pm! That was day's loss of pay over what I think is the DTI's fault for not catching sellers of substandard helmets and making us pay for it by lining up to get the helmets checked!  Oh well, I will just try to see if I can buy new helmets for me and my husband and I hope that instead of bugging us poor motorists, the DTI would fine smugglers heavily and for the LTO to cancel the license of those drunk drivers! 

And I will try to make it a point to get pictures of people stupidly ignoring their safety by not wearing their helmets properly and post it here. 

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