Oct 14, 2012

Face Painting Fun!

Kids are so easy to please.  They will line for hours just to have their face, or hand painted, only to have it erased in a matter of hours! The fun is in lining up, choosing their design, and have their friends gawk at them while its painted. After that, they will check out each other's design and compare who has the best one!
 My daughter above had a hard time deciding what to get as she is not particularly fond of any cartoon character or flowers nor butterfly.  She settled for this cute bee on her hand.
 Danniel has a turtle stuff toy and this design was his first and only choice.
My niece Danica chose to have the same design as the girsl in front of her!
And my nephew Mico prefers Cars in everything so its no surprise that he wanted it.
My officemates daughter Elisha also had flowers painted on her face!
Since I was the one who had to line for more than an hour while my kids were running all over the place, I had my arm painted too! This is actually the black rose that I might get as a permanent tattoo and was just checking out how it will turn out.
And I loved it! Okay, maybe not as big as this but a smaller one! I had fun at the face painting booth too!

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