Oct 13, 2012

How Do People Go Through Life Without Sisters?

These are me and my sisters.  I am the middle child,Ate Dianne (in green) is the oldest, and Kris is the youngest.  These women helps make me better person.  
 Ate Dianne is the kindest, most accepting person you will ever find.  She will accept you for whatever you are and not pass judgment on your decisions or choices.
 I've watched my sister Kris grow from a youngster to the responsible young woman that she is today.  I am as proud as our mom, or maybe more, of her accomplishments!

I have two more sisters from another mother, my best friends Ehms and Rona. We have been together as friends since college and have remain great friends until now.  I wonder how people can go through life without sister when I know I can never be the person that I am now, without these wonderful, amazing women!

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  1. well said...and thank you! I, too, have a sister who is also my brother because of the life she choose. it's like an instant 2-in-1 coffee! :-)