Nov 29, 2012

I Wrote A Letter and I Like It

I wrote this letter to the local government of Quezon City after we visited the park last Sunday:

Hi, we are QC residents(Santol, QC) and frequent visitors at the QC Memorial Circle. It is our favorite park and my kids love it there. During our latest visit last Sunday, Nov 18 2012, we were happy to discover the latest addition to the park, the Tropical Garden and we are very, very happy with it.  It is such an oasis in the city, and the art installations are really wonderful!

However, here are some of my observations and I wish you can address them:
1. The children's playground is not well-maintained (sira-sira na yung mga palaruan) and some are even dangerous to kids. I hope maaayos especially  the swings and see-saw which the kids love.

2. Whatever happened to the playground where the museum is being constructed? Some of it are made by national artists, right? We love that old section of the park, especially the long slide and the stacked books. Sana ilipat sa ibang area ng park.

3. The smoking ban inside the park is not well-enforced.  I see some people smoking and I wish you would fine them to teach them a lesson. I even saw a media personality smoking beside his van, in front of the police, while they were covering the motorcycle event, and the guy who was manning the zipline!

4. The exercise area (the yellow steel ones) are in such a state. Delikado na sa mga bata, ang daming sira! Its nice pa naman to do some exercises while walking along that part of the park.

5. Can you please put up some faucets where we can wash our hands? There are paid rest rooms but what if maghuhugas ka lang ng kamay?

All in all, I applaud the efforts of the QC government to maintain this beautiful park and we will continue to support your  efforts.  I have written a lot about the park  at my blogs ( and (  Again, thank you and more power!

and I got this reply:

I wrote a letter, and I indeed I liked it.  We really should find ways to have our voices heard.

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