Jan 2, 2013

A Burgoo Christmas Dinner

One of the highlights of my December Christmas dinners was the one with my friends at the office.  We bought a voucher for a meal at Burgoo and decided to have dinner and exchange gift after.  The dinner was superb!
 There was the ribs platter which was so good conversation stopped!
 The shrimp made me so happy because this is my favorite!
 Ribs and rice and corn and carrots, to die for!
 Above is our table.  We really thought we will not be able to finish it off but we wiped the table clean of food, ha ha!
 And the ice cream cake was just perfect to cap off a perfect night with friends!
The ladies I had the fun dinner with, and who gave me my first longchamp bag, ha ha ha! Super fun night to remember!

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