Jan 18, 2013

Desperate Times

Desperate times call for desperate measures. With my weight gain, and upcoming trips, I am desperate enough to lose weight that I made a drastic move to cut down on my food intake and to my exercise regimen.  I started running again yesterday, thanks to the free access to the office gym, and I do Zumba every Tuesday night.  As for my food intake, I dont eat rice anymore and no more snacking.  For lunch the other day, I had these crackers and 2 bananas for lunch.
 And since I am a coffee drinker, I scoured for sugar free, 3-in-1 coffee mix at the supermarket and found that they do have it in my favorite Great Taste brand. Unfortunately, it doesn't taste as good as the regular White variant that I love. But, sacrifices have to be made to make the weight go away, ha ha ha.
According to my BMI calculation, I am currently overweight.  If I lose 3 more pounds, I will be in the higher percentile of normal weight.  My target is 132 lbs and I think that is reasonable, except that I have a trip best Wednesday and travels entail eating! Oh well, I will just eat sensibly and avoid unnecessary calories as much as I can.

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