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Jan 22, 2013

Family Time Need Not Be Expensive

Some of the happiest times we spent are those we have with our loved ones, and they need be expensive.  I am so blessed to have kids who takes very little to be happy.  Here are some of our photos  doing just about nothing, except being together.
 Buying donuts from a convenience store while I learn to drive. And listening to their dad with his words of caution while he teaches me the fine art of lady-driving (while scoffing, if I may add).
 Eating ice cream on a cold night, just because. Or even a hotdog sandwich, even immediately after dinner, because teenagers can burn it like that!
And salon-bonding time, just to look good.  These times are well-spent because they are spent with the ones we love.  I know that I have been given a gift-that of their time and love, and I turn try to give them the same.

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