Feb 11, 2013

Camiguin Day Tour: Bura Soda Water Pool

After that short dip at Sto Nino Cold Spring resort, our next stop on our Camiguin Day Tour itinerary was the Bura Soda Water Pools. As you can see below, entrance fee was only P20 and we didn't rent a cottage anymore.  Aside from another group, we were also the only ones in the resort.
This is the swimming pool.  The water is fresh and there are areas where they rise like bubbles in a soda drink, but when we look closer to investigate, they are from water hoses placed strategically under the pool. The water was clear and inviting too!
And to find out why it was called a soda pool, we tried this drinking fountain and indeed, the water tasted like soda: the bitter water before you add the cola.
We had to pose for picture too at this huge boulder of water which I think come from one of the cvolcanic eruptions in the area! It was huge!
After taking a shower, we went in search of food since it was already 3pm and we were lucky to find this sari-sari store outside the resort.

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