Feb 8, 2013

Getting Around Camiguin by Multicab

Weeks before our trip to Camiguin, I already researched over the internet on the cheapest package tour that we could find. I mostly use the itinerary of Lakwatserong Tatay.  The most economical option for us was to hire a multicab and pay for entrance fees ourselves. It was a lot cheaper indeed, and the cheapest and most recommended that I was able to find was, Kuya Criz. He quoted me a rate of P2,500 for the two days. And he did not require any deposit, just a transaction via text and email.  He emailed me our itinerary and the estimated expenses.
 Upon our arrival at Port Benoni, the porter had this sign for us to follow him and there was the welcome sign of the multicab.  It was clean and new and was more than sufficient for us.  It could fit 14 pax too!
 Then off we were to our first destination! Kuya Criz was always able to answer our questions, and would offer to take our group picture every time.  He never rushed us and was just there to see us enjoy ourselves.  We almost ended our first night at 9pm including our dinner, and he suggested that we order first then come back after going to Ardent Hot Spring so that we won't have to wait for our food.
On our second day, upon learning that my husband's paternal grandmother was from Camiguin, he stopped at the ancestral for us to take a picture.  My husband was too shy to ask inside though since he did not know anybody there. See, service deluxe from Kuya Criz!

Here is Kuya Criz (yellow shirt) having lunch with us at J&A Fishpen before the end of our tour! Even during lunch, he would be the one to call our server for extra rice, extra kalamansi and chili. Like a true proud host of his beloved Camiguin, he really made our stay memorable!

You may contact him at:

Kuya Criz
he is also on Facebook!

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