Apr 8, 2013

We Conquered Asia's Longest Zipline!

Part of our package with Red Rafts was the All-Rides Zipline at Dahilayan Nature Adventure Park in Bukidnon.   We were excited, but we still made a few stops along the way in Bukidnon. It was hot when we left Cagayan De Oro, but it was raining when we reached Bukidnon.  But no amount of rain can stop us from this once in a lifetime adventure! So we suited up!
This is the happy and nervous bunch, all suited up.  The All rides package consist of the 150m, 320m and Asia's longest, the 840m.  Yes, we were nervous. But I am sure it didn't show!
We rode this truck going up to the zipline. It was raining and it was foggy. 

 The first ride was the 150m.  It was a very short ride, just enough to whet our fears, I meant our appetite for the sipline, ha ha ha.  At the landing of the 150m is the take-off for the 320m. It was scary and fun. Okay, more fun than scary, really!

Then we were again loaded on the truck and driven up to the take off point for the 840m zipline. We were suited up and we read the list, or at least, we posed for pictures.
 Posing at the launch tower of the Zip Zone with an elevation of 4,500 ASL! Now that is high!
My husband, ready to take off.  Since it was a buddy zip, I was right beside him.  Oh, and by the way, I was able to take a video.  I had may camera on my hand the whole time, with the crew putting it around my fingers the right way. I will post the videos after. 

So how was the zip ride? Let us just say that you are already done shouting your head off and yet the ride is not yet done so you have no choice but to enjoy yourself while still very much scared! The adrenaline rush was amazing! That's my husband on the foreground and me on the background.

My official picture at the landing area. So sad that Manong crew was in the photo.  Since it was foggy, the crew said their camera was not able to take any long shots. But I love it anyway.

And the certification that we did conquered Asia's Longest Zipline!

And I will post the video in the next post!

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