May 21, 2013

Ishi's 9th Birthday!

Last May 6 was Ishi's 9th birthday and despite just coming back from Batangas the midnight before, we decided to skip work, head to a nearby swimming pool and just have a simple celebration for her birthday.
I made spaghetti and fried chicken, and we had Bangus and Tilapi and hotdog for grilling.  We also had corn for grilling and some bread and lots of chips.  We were at the Mark and Kitty Resort at 12nn and immediately had our lunch before taking a dip.

The inihaw na mais was a hit!

My kids had the pool for themsleves, it being a Monday. So they were free to jump and play tag on the water!
And the whole family jumped in!  It was a simple and yet fun filled day to celebrate Ishi's birthday.
Happy Birthday my baby!

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