Jun 5, 2013

When Your Friends Cook (aka Their Moms Did!)

Last Sunday, we went for our annual swimming party at our friend Rona's place in Somerset Place in Pasig.  It was a potluck affair, and below are just some of the food that we bring.  My friends and I cook, but our moms cook wayyyyy better!
The pansit above was from Ehms.  It was served as merienda, and it was good.  Ha ha ha, yep, she said she cooked it. Yah right. 
And above is Rona's adobo.  Her mom made it too because she was with us at the pool the whole time, and her mom was at home cooking!  
And this is my mom's chicken curry, the most requested dish of the night!  We all know how to cook these dishes by the way. But again, our moms cook a lot better!

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