Mar 13, 2014

Eating Right!

my diet 

After gaining more than 10 lbs on my already "just a little below overweight" ideal weight, I am now officially overweight.  I was just too lazy to exercise for more than 3 weeks, and I confess that I really did not watch my weight.  I ate as much as I want, and most of the time, it was really more than enough! I feasted on chips and was continuously snacking, so it was really no surprise that I gained that 10 lbs.  Then when I went abroad for a week, I also ate too much! Well, who can resist Pho, Banh Mi and all those Khmer cooking?

Anyway, my decision to lose weight is not really only out of vanity.  I have an El Nido trip in 4 months, but my immediate problem is that my office clothes do not fit anymore! Yup, I am bursting at the seams, it seems! And coupled with the fear of having hypertension and diabetes (which runs in the family) I decided to take matter into may hands again.

So I am now back at my daily gym routine and I changed my diet to exclude meat for the whole duration of lent and just eat fruits, vegetables and fish.  I am happy to announce that I already feel lighter and I don't feel as bloated anymore.  I know that this must become a lifestyle and I hope to be able to sustain eating sensibly and exercising! If only I can cut more on carbs, then I know I will get better results soon!

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