Jun 27, 2014

Nothings Beats Pinoy Food

Kare-kare, Sinigang sa miso, sisig and bagnet

When we went to Cambodia and Vietnam last February on a 7-day trip, we enjoyed tasting local cuisines and delicacy.  There were dishes that we loved, and there were dishes that we were just happy to taste to educate our palate.  There were noodles and rice since we Asians east almost the same thing.  But we missed Pinoy food just the same.  I asked my mom to cook Sinigang Na Baboy for lunch, when we arrived in the morning.  My friend Ehms went straight to Jollibee (that Pinoy fast food giant) and Rona asked her mom to make Diningding, an Ilocano dish. Seeing this pictures on my computer now, which I remember are dishes that we ordered ay Kalye Juan, just reminds me that while I enjoy burgers, pasta and salads, I am Pinly through and through when it comes to my food preference!

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