Jun 20, 2014

You Know Why It's Hard to Diet?

So I am overweight by at least 10 lbs. At least. But I am working on it. I try to go the gym everyday and do at least a 3-km run and 25 minutes of core body work out.  I try to refrain from eating dinner, or eat as little as possible if I can't help it. And I have managed to lose maybe 1-2 lbs for the past 2 weeks already. However, things are not working out so well!
Because of these!  The problem with announcing your diet and desire to lose weight at the office means setting yourself for failure! There were several birthday celebrations during the week, as well as pasalubong from officemates who came from vacation abroad so it means free food! And you can't say no. Well, you can. But I can't.  Hahaha!

So I will try and measure my weight again later this afternoon and see how I fared this week.

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