Aug 29, 2014

Friday Letters

Dear Money, can you be a little more forthcoming? I know I sound needy, but I need you. To those people who says money can't buy happiness, I don't believe you.  But I would never know, hahaha. But anyway, the universe will provide.  Dear School, I know that it's my fault that I came back when I have a perfectly happy career but you are my unfinished business.  And since I am not a quitter, I have to finish.  But not being a quitter doesn't mean that I am also not a whiner, hehehe. So why so many requirements??? Dear Mountain, any mountain, I miss you! I need to climb one soon or I will go crazy.  I know I do not exactly have the time and the weather is not that perfect, but I really need to go up and see a mountain soon, very soon! Dear Me Time, I need you too. I need to feel pampered. Dear You Who Shall Not Be Named, I expect the love I think I deserve and at this moment, I do not deserve this! So this set-up is what's best for now. But I am extremely pissed! Dear Blogs, thank you for keeping me sane.  Sometimes, my thoughts are so jumbled that I have to put them out there and see how whiny I have become.  Since I don't think people read this anyway, I can say my piece, just because I can, hahaha.  Not too responsible I know. Oh well. Dear Kids, thank you for loving me unconditionally. I love you with all that I can. 

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