Oct 31, 2008

Imbestigador Ruined My Breakfast

Did you get to watch the Imbestigador ads during Unang Hirit this morning? Ewwwwwwwww! I was having breakfast and after seeing the dead man's face with uod, I threw up a little in my mouth! Could'nt get another bite. During lunch today, while eating my fried tilapia, I kept seeing picture of the uod in my head. Good thing, I had somebody to talk to, which kept me busy and kept my imagination from running wild and kept me from seeing uod in my tilapia. Yes, it will probably ruin my dinner also.

Again, are they allowed to show such scenes on TV? Imbestigador will feature funeral parlors , their costs, their rackets and all in time for this Halloween celebration. Pero goshes, utang na loob! Wag naman ipakita sa TV habang may kumakain. During 24 ORAS, whenever a sensitive item will be shown, Mel Tiangco or Mike Enriquez would make pasintabi. At least, prepared ka. But this morning talaga, I swear, KAKADIRI! You might think na umaarte lang ako, pero sige nga, ikaw nga imaginin mo to: mukha ng patay na lalaki, with the wife na nagrereklamo sa quality ng pagkaka-prosess sa patay, then makita mo nga yung mukha ng patay na may uod!

Eww, even while writing this, kinikilabutan pa din ako.

Oct 29, 2008

Masamang Gising

Wala ka pang ginagawa sa umaga kundi idilat ang mga mata, napi-feel mo na agad na today is not going to be one of your better days. Then you turn the tv on and you would hear news about Joc-Joc Bolante and the circus that his arrival has created. Then you hear Raul Gonzales and his disinterest in pursuing the case against Bolante and you would wonder why you even bothered getting out of bed. How may more punches can we Filipinos take before we rise against the rampant corruption in our country? Kaso, hearing Loren Legarda in her campaign ads makes me nauseous e. I mean, she has the power to do something about this, pero ano na ba ang nagawa niya. Hay. Puro lip service. For all our sakes, sana makinig siBolante kay Lozada. Para may managot naman.

Kapagod. Kainis. Kabuwisit.

Magtrabaho ka ng maayos, hindi ka umasenso. Tapos yung mga nangungurakot, malaya. Hay buhay! Ang sama ng gising!

Oct 20, 2008

Loco over LaLola

My household is now loco over the newest Kapuso Show, La Lola. Its a local version of the same show from Argentina where Lalo becomes Lola (you get the idea?). Its been airing for a week now and I have watched maybe 3 minutes of the the whole show, only looking up from re-reading the book, Assasini (mala Da Vinci Code) . It think its funny, judging from the giggles I keep hearing and the violent reaction I am getting from my mother whenever I tell them to shut the tv off. Kainis lang, na it started when its Drexelle's and Danniels exam the following week. Me, I lost any real interest when that DOM-personified, Eddie Garcia told Lalo about the the 3F (F nga ba or is it L?) on dealing with girls. I cant remember what those three things na nga are anyway.
I like JC De Vera, Iza Calzado (I like her!) and Rhian Ramos. They are nice to look at and Keempee de Leon is funny but, he sometimes try too hard.
Oh well, I will let you know once this show captures my attention like it did Encantadia before.

Cristy Fermin Deserves Her Suspension

I saw that episode of The Buzz where Buy Abunda made Cisty Fermin answer line by line Nadia Montenegro's accusations. I dont know what made me sit there and watch (I am Proudly Kapuso, not that I watch all their shows but if it was a choice between the two, well, then channel 7 or patayin na lang TV and lets read a book; but they were on a commercial break and I was channel surfing and I have no more book to read) her made those statements and the whole time I was cringing while being -1. sorry for Boy Abunda (can they really make him do this?) 2. sorry for Nadia Montenegro (whether the accusations were true or not, I pity her and her family for havong been subjected to this trash) 3. sorry for Cristy Fermin (whatever made her become a sad, bad person?) and 4. sorry for myself and the whole Philippine TV viewers for having to bear these kind of shows. It was a sad, sad day for Phil TV really.
Now the latest news is that ABS-CBN finally suspended her contract. Prior to this, there were already bloggers calling for sanctions to that very irresponsible and malicious interview.
Hay, napakagulo talaga ng showbiz. I don't usually watch shows like this. I prefer to just read or if walang choice, just watch cartoons, travel or cooking shows and it was indeed a rare occurence for me to watch that whole interview without flipping channels. The whole time, I was like, is this for real? Can she really say these things on TV? Is it true? Why is Boy Abunda still there? Hindi ba siya nahihiya sa mga itinatanong nya at sa mga isinasagot ni Cristy Fermin? That very irresponsible. She has no right to cast those malicious remarks about Nadia's children. It was sad that it took her station two weeks to suspend her pero better late than later (ang MTRCB kaya?).

Oct 15, 2008

Napansin Nyo Ba: Ukay Ukay is Killing the Local Garment Industry

This was the topic this morning in Unang Hirit's Napansin Nyo Ba Segment by Pareng Oscar Orbos. And yes indeed, I personally believe that Ukay Ukay is killing the local garment industry. There are certain economics behind this but for me the simplest explanation is that of practicality. When people have money, they can afford to buy more pricey garments. However, in these times of economic turmoil, pragmatism calls for looking for alternative means of stretching the budget to meet the needs of our family. The budget or the income is fixed, but the needs varies. Woe to the mother whose job is pagkasyahin ang kakaramput na budget! Though I am very sorry to hear that the garments industry is receiving a beating, the government should indeed work to give more incentives to them to make them more competitive in this market.

So yes, I still love ukay ukay.

Oct 10, 2008

What is Ukay Ukay?

To the uninitiated, Ukay ukay are second hand items, pre-loved or hand-me-downs or, well, you get the general idea. The word I think comes from halukay which literally means to dig in or to scavenge from a pile.

From the
online tagalog-english dictionary: hal´ukay maghalukay, haluk´ayin (mag-:-in) v. to dig, to turn over and back either in search of something or to mix well. Hinalukay ni Maria ang aking mga kagamitan. Maria rummaged through my things.

There are a lot of reports/studies/articles in the net that seeks to explain Pinoy's fascination to all things okay and here are two of the most useful links:

Ukay Ukay by Dr Jaime S. Ong

First class finds from second-hand closets by Dinna Chan Vasquez