Mar 30, 2009

The Earth Hour

Last Saturday, we joined in celebrating Earth Hour by turning off our lights and all electrical equipments at home from 8:30-9:30 pm. We lighted one candle, and had dinner out in the street. It was fun as our neighbors decided to join us by turning off their lights and eating out with us outside.

After an hour, the kids sang happy birthday and blow the candle! He he.

Mar 28, 2009

Manny Pacquiao in Time's 100 Most Influential People of 2009

I was surprised to read from Azrael that at 2pm yesterday, Manny Pacquiao was at 6th place of Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People of 2009 according to Electronic Pulp.  When I checked and did my own screenshot at 7pm, yes indeedy, he is at 6th place. If the voting is after his fight in May 2, I wonder how he would fare if he wins or if he loses.  Personally, I did not vote.  I am not very happy with Pacquiao at the moment.  Although  for a Filipino to be a part of the list  is an honor in itself, I really cannot bring my self to vote for Pacquiao.  But if you want to vote, you may do so here.

Mar 27, 2009

Harry Potter 6 : The Half Blood Prince Movie Posters

The movie posters of the 6th installment to the Harry Potter movie franchise, The Half Blood Prince are now out. The movie will be shown in the Philippines on July 16.

And now, I give you the Half Blood Prince himself, Severus Snape.

The posters of the other major characters are here at Azrael's Merry Land and Screen Rant.

Mar 26, 2009

The Filipina Blogger's Birthday Bash

Filipina blogger's birthday contest

You can take the Filipina out of the Philippines, but you can never take out the Philippines from the Filipina! And that my dear friend sums up the birthday girl, Pinay Jade, a Filipina Blogger and expat wife blogging in Singapore. She is now on the second quarter of her life, eager to begin this newest chapter with her dearest husband by her side. She is now on a journey towards realizing her most dearest wish of becoming a mother. Good luck on the journey Jade!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, and also to pay back for all the blessings in her life, she is hosting this awesome birthday contest with fabulous prizes! Some 200,000 EC credits, ad spaces, blog reviews, a dot com domain and USD50.00 Paypal cash are up for grabs!

So please head over to The Life of a Filipina Blogger and join her awesome contest!

Mar 25, 2009

Zorro? Sorry.

image from

We watched half the premiere airing of Zorro, GMA's newest show starring Richard Gutierrez and Rhian Ramos. I like Richard and Rhian and I might watch this again in the future but the pilot episode left a lot to be desired, because of Zorro himself. Richard just look too paawa on some scenes. And the long hair is too stupid. As usual, Joel Torre, Jacklyn Jose, Leo Martinez and Eddie Gutierrez are topnotch. Rhian is even okay on some scenes, but sometimes ineffective in portraying a Maria Clara. Michelle Madrigal is too feisty while TJ Trinidad is a revelation. He is very good, much like Ian Veneracion. Even the musical score is top notch, what with Janno Gibbs singing the theme.

We only watch half of the show because the kids and the husband lost interest. Me too. It doesn't say much for Zorro to me, but reports said it got a 38.2% rating. Okaaay!

Mar 24, 2009

Finding The Best Web Host

I have been blogging since September 2008 and I am now seriously considering getting my own domain. I am satisfied with blogger but of course, sooner or later, we all want our own domain name that would make our blog look more professional and a little more authoritative. Now, in my quest to find the best domain, I am looking for the best web host out there. I stumbled unto this web hosting site that I think would help me decide which is really best web host for my blog. They rank the web hosting providers based on price, available space, traffic and they even have reviews! They also have awards for best web hosting which are based on independent customer ratings. I will study their Best Web Hosts 2009 and decide which one want, bearing in my mind that my primary considerations are affordability and reliability. If you are also looking for the best web host, visit web hosting now!

Mar 23, 2009

The Boyet Fajardo Scandal

I was blogwalking this morning and when I saw this Boyet Fajardo scandal from the Professional Heckler and from Sasha's. I felt so bad for the sales clerk and I cannot imagine somebody would demean a fellow human like that. I am also for customer's right and all but I can never imagine this. I feel so sorry for the guy. I would rather sell cigarettes on the street than kneel and ask for forgiveness just for doing my job correctly.

Here is the video also from You Tube.

Mar 19, 2009

Manny and Money

Yesterday, I was surprised to see my husband changing channels. He was watching the PBA games where his beloved Ginebra was playing. He was also constantly switching to Channel 2 where the ABS CBN news was currently airing. That was weird as we have always been watching the news on GMA-7's 24 Oras. When Julius Babao, the news anchor, came back on air, he announced the news teaser that Manny Pacquiao has a new partner. So, that's what my husband was waiting for. I told him to switch to GMA news instead, but he said they will not say anything about this piece on news. Then when the news came, it was Manny, speaking to the audience saying that it was his decision and he though about it carefully. He said that his fight with RIcky Hatton on May 2, 2009 will be shown on ABS-CBN. My husband and his friend both groaned. They said they don't want ABS-CBN covering the fight as there were too many commercials.

The other day, I heard on the news Solar Entertainment telling off people for rumors about this and that they have a valid and existing contract with Manny Pacquiao to air his fights. Well, what happens now?

My husband and his friend said this all about Manny, I mean money. ABS-CBN must have made him an offer he cannot refuse, since he had a very good working relationship with GMA-7 where he currently have 2 shows, Totoy Bato and Pinoy Records. According to this news article, the offered amount is in the area of P120-180 million per fight. Another column said that it was because ABS-CBN promised him extensive media coverage once he run for public office in the coming elections.

In vernacular, my husband said, "Grabe na si Pacquiao, pera-pera na lang ah." I was surprised to hear this from my husband who is a certifiable Pacquiao fan. But I guess, his sentiments are echoed by many people out there who thinks that Manny is now after all, only after money.

Mar 16, 2009

Pangaral ng Isang Cool Na Magulang

I was cleaning my inbox when I saw this forwarded email and of course, I had to post it here. These advise are so simple yet so true. So from our forwarded emails department, Pangaral ng Isang Cool Na Magulang:
  • Anak, sa maniwala ka o sa hindi, ikaw ang pinakamagandang nangyari sa buhay ko.
  • Kahit hindi kami naging mag-asawa ng nanay mo, sana huwag kang magtatampo kung ikasal kami sa iba at magkaroon ka ng mga bagong kapatid. Magmahalan kayo bilang magkakapatid, at huwag ninyong gawing telenobela ang buhay ninyo dahil sa walang kakwenta-kwentang bagay.
  • Mahalin mo ang nanay mo. Wala siyang ibang inisip kundi kapakanan mo. Kung paluin ka man niya o sigawan, ito ay dahil may nagawa kang hindi sang-ayon sa mga prinsipyo niya. Itanong mo kung bakit ka niya pinapagalitan. Kung mali naman talaga, huwag mo nang ulitin.
  • Piliin mong mabuti ang mga kaibigan mo. Huwag sumali sa barkada na may iisang stereotype. Huwag sumali sa barkada na puro jologs, puro conio, puro bakla, puro nerd, puro manginginom, o puro manyak. Siguraduhin mong nakikita mo ang lahat ng klase ng tao sa barkada mo. Mas marami kang matututunan sa kanila kesa sa TV o sa bahay mo. Marami silang maituturo sa yo na hindi namin kaya, o hindi appropriate na kami ang magturo.
  • Maging fluent ka sa written and spoken English. Pag-aralan mong mabuti ang subject-verb agreement. Huwag kang matakot mag-consult sa dictionary o thesaurus kapag may hindi ka naiintindihan. Kasi anak, darating ang araw, makakaapak ka sa ibang bansa, at sigurado akong marami kang makakausap na hindi makakaintindi ng Tagalog. Kahit saang sulok sa mundo, makakahanap ka ng nagsasalita ng English.
  • Gawin mo ang lahat para matuto kang mag-gitara. Pag-aralan mo ding kumanta ng nasa tono. Kahit saan mo kasi dalhin ang gitara, maaaliw ka e. Isipin mo yung mga bulag. Hindi sila nakakapag-Playstati on. Hindi sila nakakapag-Internet. Hindi sila nanonood ng TV, at hindi sila nakakapag-enjoy sa mall. Pero bigyan mo sila ng gitara at pakantahin mo, matutuwa sila. May kuryente man o wala, mapapasaya ka ng gitara.
  • Makinig ka sa mga kanta ng Beatles. Kapag naging aware ka na sa pag-develop ng musical style ng Beatles, kahit anong genre kaya mong i-appreciate. Sa kanila ka matututong magsulat ng poetry, at sa kanila mo rin matututunan kung paano lagyan ng music ang poetry na ito. Saan ka nakakita ng banda na lampas 30 years nang naghiwalay, patay na ang ilan sa mga miyembro, pero sikat at ginagaya pa rin? Beatles lang ang makakagawa nun, anak.
  • Pagdating mo ng college, huwag mong kakalimutang subukan lahat ng kalokohan sa mundo. Bakit college? Kasi kung high school ka magiging sira ulo, mawawalan ka ng options sa college. Baka sa walang kwentang money-centric computer institute ka bumagsak. Mag-aral ka ng mabuti sa elementary at high school. Dapat makapasok ka sa UP, Ateneo, La Salle , o UST. Dapat maganda yung course mo. Sa college, balansehin mo yung academics mo tsaka kalokohan. Gumimik ka pero pasukan mo lahat ng klase mo kinbukasan. Huwag magpakalasing kung wala kang siguradong uuwian at kung walang aalalay sa yo pag sumusuka ka na. Wag maadik sa droga. Sumubok kang mag-marijuana pero subok lang. Kung dadating yung panahong hindi mo na mapigilang makipag-sex, siguraduhin mo lang na gaganda ang lahi natin kung sakaling mabuntis mo yung makaka-sex mo.
  • Practice safe sex. Wag mong kakalimutang mag-survey ng lugar kung may camera o wala. Kawawa naman ang nanay mo kung malalaman niyang may scandal ka.
  • Huwag mong gawing trial and error ang pagkakaroon ng girlfriend.
  • Alamin mo muna kung ano ang kaya mong ibigay sa isang relationship, at kapag nalaman mo na, doon ka maghanap ng isang babaeng magiging masaya sa mga maibibigay mo. Pakinggan mong mabuti ang mga kuwento ng girlfriend mo. Alamin mo kung ano ang mga gusto niya at mga ayaw niya. Huwag mong sisigawan. Dahil ang babae, kapag pinakinggan mo siya at alam niyang nirerespeto mo siya, mamahalin ka nun habambuhay.
  • Pagka-graduate mo, iwanan mo na ang mga araw na umaasa ka pa sa ibang tao para mabuhay. Matuto kang mag-ipon. Alamin mo kung tama yung kinakaltas sa sweldo mo. Pinaghirapan mo yang pera na yan. Huwag mong hayaang kunin na lang ng kung sinu-sino. Bago ka gumastos, lagi mong itanong sa sarili mo kung ang bibilhin mo ay isang NEED o isa lamang WANT.
  • Sana maging accountable sa lahat ng ginagawa mo. Oo, hindi maganda ang sitwasyon nung dumating ka sa mundo. Pero sana sa paglaki mo, huwag mong sisisihin ang mga pangyayaring ito kaya ka nagrerebelde o nalulugar sa masamang landas. Ang buhay mo ngayon ay dahil sa desisyon namin na mabuhay ka. Pero tandaan mo to: lahat ng mangyayari sa buhay mo e dahil sa mga desisyon mo.
  • Anak, marami pa akong gustong sabihin sa iyo. Buti na lang naitanong ko sa isang kaibigan ko kung ano ang kaisa-isang advice na maibibigay niya sa anak nya, at eto yung nasabi niya sa kin. Sa lahat ng maibibigay kong advice, eto ang pinakamahalaga:
  • LEARN.
Huwag kang matakot matuto. Matuto ka sa Discovery at National Geographic channels. Matuto ka sa library. Matuto ka sa Internet. Matuto ka sa news.
Matuto ka sa Bible, Koran, at teachings ni Buddha.
Matuto ka sa mga pagkakamali namin ng nanay mo. Matuto ka sa mga kaibigan mo.
Matuto ka sa mga pagkakamali mo.

Which Credit Card is Best For You?

Nowadays, people who have no credit cards area at a disadvantage. The convenience of shopping and buying things online or offline are at the fingertips of those who can swipe. Promos and special offers are also available from certain credit card companies which are very beneficial to its users. However, we must also be aware that there are different type of credit cards to suit an individuals need and preference. You have to know what exactly you want from your credit card so you can get the best value out of it. Good thing there is a website where you can compare these features and choose the one that is best for you. For example, if you are a frequent traveler, then you must choose a card that will give you reward miles for every purchase that you made suing your credit card. In this way, you get to enjoy the convenience of using a credit card and at the same, get free miles that when accumulated will give you free airline tickets! Or if you are a student, you have to be careful of your credit history very early on so you must use the card that is best for your at this time. If you want to have a way to control your spending, you can also try using prepaid credit cards which are pre-funded and reloadable. You can put a cap at your spending but still enjoy the convenience, without the guilty feeling and without fear that you will over indulge.

Despite the horror stories attached to using credit cards, you should not be afraid of getting one for yourself as long as, after comparing all cards available in the market, you now that the one you will get is the best for you and is suited to your needs. And always remember to use your credit card wisely and responsibly.

Mar 13, 2009

The Catholic Church and Abortion for Rape Victims

A commenter at Sassy Lawyer's blog left a link to this article on a 9-year old who was raped by her 23-year old stepfather and got pregnant with twins. Her mother had the twins aborted and the Catholic Church excommunicated the mother and the doctor who performed the abortion. The girl was not excommunicated because she is still a child, but the rapist was not excommunicated because according to the Cardinal, abortion was the more serious of the crimes.

As a mother, I agree with the child's mother that the primary concern is the life of the girl. Can a 9-year old conceive a twin and not be in danger? Any pregnancy is fraught with risks, what more if with twins and what more if the mother is a child herself? One comment in the article said that the if the life of the mother is at risk, the Catholic church believes that the mother's life takes priority. But if that is the case, and I would think that this situation falls under that, then why excommunicate the mother and the doctor? No wonder this is causing a lot of trouble for the church in Brazil. I wonder what those supporter of the church's decision have to say for themselves in this case.

But it also had me thinking. What if the rape victim was not a child and could carry the twins full term without too much risks? Is it okay if the church excommunicate the adult in that case? At this point, if I were the victim, I honestly can't say that I would or would not go for an abortion.

But if I were the mother of the child who was raped, I know I would have done the same thing.

Mar 9, 2009

DVD Heaven In Quiapo

Do you know where DVD Heaven is? Yes DVD Heaven, home of uber-cheap, pirated DVD's and CD's? You can buy blueray dvds for only P15 if without case. And thats DVD copy already! For clear copy only or "cinema" copy, you can get them at P10. I didn't know that it is called DVD Heaven until now. The DVD heaven is located at Hidalgo and Arlegui Street In Manila. It is at the other side of Plaza Miranda and Quaipo Church. I don't know what our OMB officials are doing, but the place is not a secret. From the pictures I took while riding a Santol-Quiapo jeep, you can see that the place is open to everybody. There are even stalls that are given by the Manila City government as livelihood project. One such stall was even selling these pirated DVD's!

I have yet to hear a serious effort by the government to curb piracy. Other than those "photo-ops" raid of our Optical Media Board heads, I wonder what they plan to do about the DVD heaven in Quaipo. I seriously think its futile to ask. Just read the forums at Pinoy Money Talk and you will read about corruption and you wonder, maybe that is why the DVD heaven is still here.

Mar 5, 2009

I Want Something Big This Year

For this blog, all I want this year is to finally get my hand on that elusive adsense check. For some, that is not big, but to a newbie blogger like me, that is a culmination of a year-long effort. I have been blogging since September, but I have yet to Justify Fullearn my first adsense check!

I am therefore rooting for Makoy and his awesome and super big contest, named aptly, Big Mak Blog Contest. There are 12 ways to join, and prizes are really awesome.

1. Make a "something big" post for this year and also talk about makoy's contest.
2. Include the mechanics of the contest and the prizes. There are points involve here.
3. Subscribe by email to all of Makoy's blogs (4).
4. Follow him on Twitter (how does this work?)
5. Subscribe by email to the cash sponsors.
6. Leave a quality comment on Makoy's blogs (easy, as he has good quality posts)
7. Post the contest badge (very easy to do as well)
8. Fave Makoy's blog in Technorati(done!)
9. Review Makoy's blog.
10. Digg Makoy's post(how is this done?)
11. Refer a friend, should be a blogger!
12. Make a vlog entry (video blogs)


Winners for the first five grand prizes will be determined by points. The first five bloggers who have the highest points will win. Winners of the five grand prize are not eligible for the consolation and special prize.

1st prize, $110, 20K EC credits, 5 ad spots, Domain and Blog Hosting
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Lets Talk About Scents

When I was pregnant with my eldest child, I hated the smell of perfume. Smelling them on the bus on my way to work is a sure way to make me empty my stomach on the nearest bus stop. And even my husband was forbidden to spray anything unto himself lest I puke at him. Thankfully, that only lasted during the first trimester of my pregnancy. Now, I am a perfume lover! Failing to find the Twilight's Breaking Dawn last Valentine's Day, my husband gave me a dozen white roses and a Just Play perfume from Avon! He said the sweet scent reminds him of my sweet personality. He is so sweet, don't you think? And good thing I found this new perfume blog, my husband will find it easier to find the scents I like.

Mar 4, 2009

Be a PMTer!

Do you want to want to get information on making money online, get into serious discussions at forums on various useful topics and and the same time meet people who share the same passion? Then join Pinoy Money Talk. You will be inspired by the stories you will read, like Jay's post on his House That Blogging Bought and more!

So join PMT now and be a PMTer in a flash.