Mar 9, 2009

DVD Heaven In Quiapo

Do you know where DVD Heaven is? Yes DVD Heaven, home of uber-cheap, pirated DVD's and CD's? You can buy blueray dvds for only P15 if without case. And thats DVD copy already! For clear copy only or "cinema" copy, you can get them at P10. I didn't know that it is called DVD Heaven until now. The DVD heaven is located at Hidalgo and Arlegui Street In Manila. It is at the other side of Plaza Miranda and Quaipo Church. I don't know what our OMB officials are doing, but the place is not a secret. From the pictures I took while riding a Santol-Quiapo jeep, you can see that the place is open to everybody. There are even stalls that are given by the Manila City government as livelihood project. One such stall was even selling these pirated DVD's!

I have yet to hear a serious effort by the government to curb piracy. Other than those "photo-ops" raid of our Optical Media Board heads, I wonder what they plan to do about the DVD heaven in Quaipo. I seriously think its futile to ask. Just read the forums at Pinoy Money Talk and you will read about corruption and you wonder, maybe that is why the DVD heaven is still here.


  1. madami kasi bumibili (katulad ko pag napupunta ako sa quiapo napapabili ako..)

  2. makabili nga bukas

  3. The present OMB Chairman Ronnie Ricketts is doing his best to combat not only the retail shops but primarily the sources of these shops.. these are makeshift stalls that could be taken down and set up in seconds hence the difficulty to eradicate completely. Please do your part by not patronizing pirated goods. Thank you very much!


  4. Which is BEtter hidalgo or Arlegui
    ANd how to go if you are from welcome rotunda or sm north edsa or is it easy if i go LRT REcto...
    thnx appreciate your reply thnx

  5. hi. is there any japanese dramas in DVD heaven? by the way can u send ur reply in my email. heres my email. angel_clowie14@y.c i hope u will reply. i really need your reply. thanks