Mar 19, 2009

Manny and Money

Yesterday, I was surprised to see my husband changing channels. He was watching the PBA games where his beloved Ginebra was playing. He was also constantly switching to Channel 2 where the ABS CBN news was currently airing. That was weird as we have always been watching the news on GMA-7's 24 Oras. When Julius Babao, the news anchor, came back on air, he announced the news teaser that Manny Pacquiao has a new partner. So, that's what my husband was waiting for. I told him to switch to GMA news instead, but he said they will not say anything about this piece on news. Then when the news came, it was Manny, speaking to the audience saying that it was his decision and he though about it carefully. He said that his fight with RIcky Hatton on May 2, 2009 will be shown on ABS-CBN. My husband and his friend both groaned. They said they don't want ABS-CBN covering the fight as there were too many commercials.

The other day, I heard on the news Solar Entertainment telling off people for rumors about this and that they have a valid and existing contract with Manny Pacquiao to air his fights. Well, what happens now?

My husband and his friend said this all about Manny, I mean money. ABS-CBN must have made him an offer he cannot refuse, since he had a very good working relationship with GMA-7 where he currently have 2 shows, Totoy Bato and Pinoy Records. According to this news article, the offered amount is in the area of P120-180 million per fight. Another column said that it was because ABS-CBN promised him extensive media coverage once he run for public office in the coming elections.

In vernacular, my husband said, "Grabe na si Pacquiao, pera-pera na lang ah." I was surprised to hear this from my husband who is a certifiable Pacquiao fan. But I guess, his sentiments are echoed by many people out there who thinks that Manny is now after all, only after money.

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