Apr 28, 2009

Aling Dionisia Pacquaio Strikes Again

image from Philstar.com
So its Manny Pacquaio time again, what with his fight with Ricky Hatton just a week away. Of course, the networks are all a-flutter with any news about him, and that goes for his family as well. While I haven't heard any news about Jinky, its Aling Dionisia who is making headlines. I saw her on the news looking very happy when she was finally able to go to the US. I don't begrudge her that because as a mother, she should really be part of Manny's success. I just hate it when TV networks make a big deal out of her shopping trips, her dance lessons and her friends and even her trying on the karaoke's for sale on the mall as news worthy! And I especially hate it when she is shown praying for her son on TV. It gives me the creeps. Whenever she is on the news, my husband has this irritating habit of calling me to watch it. I keep telling him don't hate Aling Dionisia but he wont believe me. I said I hate it that she has to be shown on TV for me to watch. Is that so bad?

Apr 27, 2009

Marian Rivera : Darna!

photo from www.igma.tv

So Marian Rivera is the newest Darna in Philippine TV. This was announced by GMA-7 last week. I wonder how Angel Locsin feels about this. It seems GMA is really intent on erasing her existence from the network. I think Darna was her vehicle for success as well. As to who will portray Darna's interest, I really hope it wont be Dingdong anymore, and I don't like Dennis Trillo either. But their choice of Buboy as Ding is perfect. We love that kid even in the tepid Zorro. If you want to see how Marian would look like as Darna, head over to Makoy's.

Apr 24, 2009

Beach Front Homes in North Carolina

Have you ever dreamed of having a beachfront home? How about waking up in the early morning s to smell the ocean breeze, or watch the sun rise over the waters? Or how about feeling melancholy, going for a walk by the beach and letting the sands soothe you? This is one of my dreams. If I live near North Carolina, I will be sure to check if Wilmington NC Real Estate can offer me a property that is within my budget. They claim that they "will work to get the buyer the most fair and marketable price available" so if you are dreaming of a beach front property, you may want to check them out. They also support the Columbus Humane Society to help homeless animals, a very worthy cause.

Blog Make Over in Progress

I am a new blogger and tweaking this site is one of my favorite past times. I am still in search of the perfect template (is there such a thing?) but I am quiet happy with my effort in trying to make this blog look unique. One of the best tutorial sites in customizing your own template is Amanda's Blogger Buster. She really helps you build a better blog, and at the same time give you the satisfaction that the blog's design is all yours! She has a Blogger Template Design Series that is really very easy to follow. So if you are itching for another blog make-over, head over to Amanda and try your hand at customizing your own template.

Other sites worth mentioning are Cooltext.com for very nice logos and Squidfingers for patterns and backgrounds.

I am not done yet, and be sure to leave your comments and suggestions on how I might make this blog more pleasant and enjoyable.

Apr 23, 2009

Blog Template And Page Rank

I am thinking of changing this blog's template because the design is not aesthetically pleasing and I am quite tired of it really. I love to have those smooth and put-together look of other blogs and I am really raring for another makeover. But I am afraid that changing this blog's look may change my newly minted PR1. Ehem, ehem.

Is there a relationship between a blog's template and page rank? Or will it not matter as long as you put back the page elements on the same place? Hmm. I tried googling it but I can find no definitive answer. Maybe because it has no effect at all? Oh well, then maybe I should just go for it?

Let's see.

Apr 22, 2009

Pennies From Heaven

I subscribe to Beliefnet.Com's newsletter and their Chicken Soup for the Soul entitled "Pennies from Heaven" really touched me. I especially liked this part because I know in my heart that this is true.
"It occurred to me that maybe God doesn't always choose to speak in dramatic ways; maybe a burning bush isn't his calling card to everyone.

Just maybe, for some, a single penny gleaming in an unexpected place is his touch of grace, his gift of hope. And sometimes that hope is just enough."

My husband also picks up loose change wherever he finds them. He said they are lucky coins and his wallet is never empty because of them. I know it also serves as a reminder to him that Someone is looking after us all the time.

Apr 17, 2009

Ted Failon's Wife Dies

image from: DZMM
Trina Etong, the wife of broadcaster Ted Failon died last night following a gunshot wound to the head last Wednesday. And while the whole family mourn, they still have to deal with the reality that the police suspects that a crime (and a cover-up) has been committed. In news reports, Ted Failon has been placed on the Immigration watch list and even the presence of Public Attorneys Office head Persida Acosta has been the subject of ridicule from the DOJ secretary himself, who also thinks that there is an effort to "condition" the public that it was a suicide. Also, lots of people who saw on TV how the brother of Trina was manhandled by the police agree that proper police procedure was not observed.

I hope that the police makes an honest effort to get to the bottom of this mess and not turn it into another circus. I also hope that in the end, the truth will come out.

Holiday Pay Guidelines for the Holy Week

I came across this post from Roysville on DOLE's pay rules for the Holy Week holidays and it was very informative. Just the other week, my brother-in-law who was on leave for a whole week was advised to report for work last Saturday so that he could also be paid for the April 6 holiday. He was on leave without pay so it was very considerate of his employer to ask him to report earlier. For the un-informed, it says on the DOLE's guidelines that you must be present or have filed a leave of absence on the work day immediately preceding the holiday for you to be paid. So for April 6, that was last Saturday or Friday and for the Holy Week, you should have reported for work the previous day or have filed your leave. In some companies, like ours, we are already on forced leave on April 7-8 so we could have an extended vacation.

For call center employees, or those that are required to work during the holidays, the guidelines from DOLE are:
A. If the day is the employee's regular workday:
- If worked, [the employee] is entitled to 200% of his [or her] basic wage for the first eight (8) hours and, for work in excess of the 8 hours, an additional 30% of his or her hourly rate on the said day;
B. If the day is the employee's rest day:
- If worked, the employee is entitled, for the first 8 hours, to 200% of his or her daily rate plus 30% and, for work in excess of 8 hours, plus 30% of his or her hourly rate on the said day.
Did you check your payslip to see if you have been fairy compensated?

Apr 15, 2009

Ted Failon's Wife "Fighting For Life"

Our office was shocked to hear the news about Ted Failon's wife. According to some breaking news, she was shot in the head by unidentified suspects and is now fighting for her life.

This is such a terrible and sad news. Let's pray for her and her family. I just hope the Press will respect their privacy at a very trying time like this.

Update: 4-16-09

If you check the news papers, Failon's daughter said she believed her mother tried to commit suicide, but the police doubts it. Speculations are rife in the blogosphere as to whether it was really suicide or if there was foul play involved. Although Failon tested negative for the paraffin test, the police said there were inconsistencies to the story of Failon and the household staff. And the big question in our minds right now is why, oh why was the car and the bathroom cleaned? Of course, I am not in sure how the household staff reacted to the situation so this lapse may really be just an oversight. But they have some heavy convincing to do. And some bloggers were reacting why Failon kept his cap on and wont look up when questioned about the details during his interview with Ces Drilon.

Anyway, let us just all wait for the truth to come out and hope that whoever is responsible, if there really was a crime, be punished. At the same time, let us continue to pray for the family at a very trying time like this.

Lap Band for Weight Loss May Be For You

Lap Band may sound scary to some, but for people who are fighting obesity and uncontrolled weight gain, it may be a life saver. If you think you are a candidate, you may want to look at these lap band testimonials and call 1-800-GET-SLIM to check if lap band can work for you. Some signs that you may be a candidate for lap band is if your weight is twice as much as your ideal and if you have no illness that may be causing you to gain weight. You may also want to check lap band before and after photos and testimonials to give you an idea how this can affect your life. Of course, lap band is not for everybody. Some are lucky enough to lose weight effectively through other means such as diet and exercise, but if you have been doing all these for years and still unsuccessful, it may be time to consider lap band.

Summer Time, Swimming Time!

Our family loves swimming. Be it on a swimming pool or on the beach, we would rather celebrate a special occasion with a swimming party. Most of the photos above are birthday celebrations. And I just realized that several occasions have gone by, like birthdays and graduations and we haven't had any swimming party yet. No wonder the kids are bugging me already. I think we will go to the Green Nature Resort in Rizal sometime this April. Its summer time and definitely swimming time!

Apr 13, 2009

Western Bunk Beds for the Boys

I just fell in love with this western furniture when I saw it!

Just take a look at the Twin Over Twin Bunk Beds and I think you will agree with me that this is perfect for my two boys. There are built-in ladders on both sides and safety rails also on both sides of the top bunk so that even my 6-year old son can choose to occupy the top bunk. It also has a very rustic and country feel to it, and my kids will surely love this as they are in awe with all things western. This is hand crafted as well and made from the best Aspen wood. The only thing I have a problem with is in the assembly. I think the wood is heavy and my husband may have trouble with it. But then again, if it comes with concise instructions, then he will surely go for it. Anyway, the bunk bed will go very well with these 5 drawer log cabin dresser and the boy's room will be just about perfect!

Apr 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everybody! May our life be worthy of the sacrifices of
the Lord Jesus Christ.

Dinah G. Ladao

Apr 9, 2009

One Page Rank, Two Page Rank

Yes, my dear readers, all 2 of you! I am happy and giddy to annonce that our dear blog is now PR1! See the icon below to see for yourself.  My other blog is now PR2 :-) Wow, some page rank lovin!

Apr 8, 2009

Buy Me A Car, Dear!

I just realized how difficult it is to not have a car this Lenten holiday. While all of my friends are going away on road trips in nearby provinces, we are stuck in the city, using public transportation on such a hot summer! Its so difficult to get around with 3 kids without your own car. Sigh. However, our finances are tight right now so what we can probably afford to look at are used cars. I am looking at this UK Car Search Leader, wishing that I live in UK. Within this site, its so easy to compare prices, make, model and design of both new and used cars. They even have hire and lease options so with the budget that I have, I can be sure to find out what I can possibly get. They can even get you a car loan quotation so you can check if you can go that route in owning a new or used car.

I keep telling my husband to buy us a car already and I will have him look at this site later so he can to get used to the idea.

Apr 7, 2009

I Want to Relax at Blue Water Day Spa

Last week, my husband went to hospital's emergency room due to hypertension. It was scary, to say the least. Seeing your loved one lying in bed, pale, and strapped to those contraptions will make you scared and just thinking about it is making me weepy again. But thankfully, hypertension is manageable. We are now seriously watching his diet, exercising and he has also quit smoking (for good, I hope).

They say that stress is also one factor that causes hypertension to develop and what better way to avoid stress than to relax? And not just for my husband, but also for me. And is there a more perfect way to relax than to visit Blue Water Day Spa? I was thinking of getting for us the Traditional Filipino Massage. It is said to be gaining international popularity because of its calm and tender strokes. That sounds just about perfect. Even going to their newly opened Capitol Hills Branch is so stress-free. It is located inside the Capitol Hills Golf Club and boasts of a very relaxing atmosphere. Wow, exactly my kind of place!

BlueWater Day Spa Capitol Hills Branch
Capitol GreenStreet Commercial Center, Capitol Hills Golf Annex Building, Capitol Hills Drive, Old Balara, Quezon City
Telephone Numbers: +63 (2) 4730455, 9524829, 4350114

If you want to try your luck at the Blue Water Day Spa Capitol Hills 20 Bloggers Event Competition, head over here.

Apr 5, 2009

Happy Long Vacation!

It's gonna be a free and fun week!
April 6 is a holiday for April 9 which is Araw ng Kagitingan due to the government's holiday economics.  And our company gave us forced leave for April 7-8, then April 9 and 10 are lenten holidays.  Wow, a whole free week without work! Unfortunately, we don't have plans of going out of town due to budgetary constraints, but we have lined up our DVD's for a week-long movie viewing marathon.  We might go and visit my sister in Taytay and go swimming at any of the resorts in Antipolo or Montalban.  The kids will surely enjoy that.
For those going out town, do take care on the road and remember to secure your empty house. 
Happy week-long vacation to all!

Apr 3, 2009

Remembering Francis M

I was copying some pictures from my SD card when I chanced upon this photo. This was taken last year when the kids decided to go to Broadway Centrum and try to watch Eat Bulaga live. Unfortunately, they were not able to get in because there were several excursionists and because they were late. They were there at 10am. I was told that you had to be there at 5am if you really want to get in. So they decided to just hang around and wait for the Dabarkads to finish the show. Luckily, they were able to get their photos taken with some of them. Here they are with the late Francis M. I remember my son gushing about how cool Francis M was and how easily he posed with them. And look how healthy he looks here. Sadly, after just a few months, he was diagnosed with cancer and Finlay succumbed to the disease last month.

Anyway, his memory and legacy will live forever. Here's to you, Francism.

The Air Hour

I got this from a text message:

Be aware that on April 4, 2009 Saturday will be the 1st AIR HOUR.
Do not breathe for 1 hour, 830-930pm to save oxygen and Mother Earth.
Start practicing now.
Please cooperate.
This is for our own good!
Please pass.
Okay, I will start practicing now. Lol!

Apr 2, 2009

Kris Aquino, Queen of All Media?

I am not sure if I heard it right but I think I heard Boy Abunda introduce Kris Aquino as Queen of All Media when the teaser for the new show Pinoy Bingo Night was shown in The Buzz. I did a double take then, but completely forgot about it until now. Then I checked Kris Aquino in Wikipedia, and she,
"has been labeled as the Philippines' "Queen of All Media" because of numerous endorsements (number one endorser in the Philippines), successful shows, particularly talk shows and game shows and currently being the 2nd most Powerful Celebrity in the Philippines according to the April 2009 issue of Summit Media's Yes! Magazine. She is also known as Philippines' "Queen of Talk", due to her success in hosting talk shows and the "Queen of Game Shows" having also successful top-rating game shows. In the movies, she is also known as the "massacre queen" for her blockbusters true-to-life films and the 'horror queen" for her record-breaking box office hits."

Huh, but I haven't heard her on radio. She is not even famous on the Internet like Perez Hilton, a self-proclaimed Queen of All Media. I was just visiting his website and I remembered Kris Aquino.

I wonder who gave her that title. What other titles can we aptly give to Kris Aquino?