Apr 15, 2009

Ted Failon's Wife "Fighting For Life"

Our office was shocked to hear the news about Ted Failon's wife. According to some breaking news, she was shot in the head by unidentified suspects and is now fighting for her life.

This is such a terrible and sad news. Let's pray for her and her family. I just hope the Press will respect their privacy at a very trying time like this.

Update: 4-16-09

If you check the news papers, Failon's daughter said she believed her mother tried to commit suicide, but the police doubts it. Speculations are rife in the blogosphere as to whether it was really suicide or if there was foul play involved. Although Failon tested negative for the paraffin test, the police said there were inconsistencies to the story of Failon and the household staff. And the big question in our minds right now is why, oh why was the car and the bathroom cleaned? Of course, I am not in sure how the household staff reacted to the situation so this lapse may really be just an oversight. But they have some heavy convincing to do. And some bloggers were reacting why Failon kept his cap on and wont look up when questioned about the details during his interview with Ces Drilon.

Anyway, let us just all wait for the truth to come out and hope that whoever is responsible, if there really was a crime, be punished. At the same time, let us continue to pray for the family at a very trying time like this.

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  1. I wonder how the police got the idea of pinning Failon.

    what I saw on the news was that they were almost harassing everybody in the house just to come up with a suspect.

    I hope the truth will come out soon